Shaolin Kickboxing Club

Shaolin Kickboxing Club is a martial arts and kickboxing club based in London and Herts, who are committed to helping people of all ages, sexes, social and ethnic backgrounds and levels of ability to achieve good health, physical fitness, to learn to defend themselves.

  • Website Design
  • Website Migration
Upgrading a two decade old website for a martial arts club

Their outdated website, nearly two decades old, demanded a comprehensive overhaul. The objective extended beyond mere modernisation; it necessitated enhancing functionality to support membership growth and integrating an e-commerce platform to sell club merchandise, all while implementing robust SEO strategies to expand their online presence.

Launch Website
Sleek, new design

e crafted a visually compelling identity, aligned with their brand, that resonated with their community, employing responsive design principles.

(Legacy Homepage)

Enabled membership and e-commerce capabilities

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